Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg

The Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg (District Court Tempelhof-Kreuzberg) is located on Möckernstraße in Kreuzberg. You could be forgiven if, like me, you'd walked past dozens of times without noticing that behind the modern main building, there's a really old-looking section. It's obscured by trees during the spring, which might explain why I'd never noticed it before.

The old section of the Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg. Möckernstraße 128-130.

The building in the above photo is the last remaining section of a much more substantial building, originally constructed from 1882-1885. It was constructed in the Neo-Renaissance style, and to my eye is a really distinct departure from the red-brick style of other Berlin buildings constructed in Berlin around that time (like St. Michael's Church). The main building was destroyed during the Second World War.

The lame thing about spring is that the blooming trees prevented me from getting a good photo of the whole building. I kind of hate myself for saying that.

Please forgive the glare. I'm a student, not a photographer!

A more modern building replaced the destroyed section, and it still functions as a District Court. 

The joys of winter! A clear view of the building without those annoying leaves getting in the way. Source: Wikipedia Commons